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ZSP Microelectronics Inc (hereinafter referred to as “Core Microelectronics”) was founded by Haigui High-Tech Team and focuses on the application of millimeter wave radar in the chip field. It is rooted in Jiashan Technology Innovation Service Center and has developed domestic intellectual property rights. The first highly integrated 24 GHz radar SOC, while the company is developing a series of highly integrated products at 24 GHz and 77 GHz. During the development of the company, the Shanghai Institute of Microsystems of the Chinese Academy of Sciences




Winner of the China Electronic Innovation Industry Final Award in the China Venture Innovation Competition

Recently, the 8th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Zhejiang Telecom Distr...


Shanghai silicon Microelectronics Co., Ltd. announced the completion of the A round of capital increase.

In April 20, 2018, Shanghai Shanghai silicon Microelectronics Co., Ltd. announced today th...

Product Applications產品應用領域

Smart home Intelligent lighting Auto-door Industrial Intelligent Transportation Security system Automotive Radar


SRK1201L SRK0203L SRK2002L SPK0101 SRK1101A RKB1201E RKB1101I RKB1201T

ZSP Microelectronics Inc

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ZSP Microelectronics Inc

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